On this page we will share background information compiled by Friends of Ryebank Fields, specifically targeted at responding to their consultation material. The consultation at https://ryebankfieldsconsultation.co.uk/ is being carried out by Lexington Communications on behalf of Step Places and Southway Housing, ahead of them finalising designs and applying for planning permission which they currently plan to do in the Summer. If the developer is not granted planning permission, he can walk away from the purchase and MMU would retain ownership of the fields, as gifted to them by the people of Manchester, for the forseeable future.

Developer proposal as at February 2023

Resources on this Page so far:

  • Material Planning Considerations
  • Is the Proposed Development Eco-Friendly? (table version and slightly fuller version)
  • NB please also refer to our FAQS page which already contains lots of useful relevant information

Material Planning Considerations

Although developers have not yet reached a Planning Application stage, if the developers do submit a planning application to Manchester City Council, the Council is legally obliged to make its decision based on specific Planning grounds known as Material Considerations. Strength of public feeling is taken into account, but it makes a much stronger case to include material considerations in any objections:

Is the proposed development eco-friendly? (Table version)

Is the proposed development eco-friendly? (longer version): Initial statement on the Environmental Impact of the proposed plans – Jan 2023